Job Openings

if you are a nature lover & hard worker Eco Diver offer's verity of jobs in Havelock Island. please look at the available options with Eco Diver
  • Course Director
  • Scuba diving Instructor
  • Marine Biologist
  • Dive Masters
  • Rescue Divers
  • Life guard Instructors
  • Kayaking Instructors
  • Store Managers
  •  Marketing Executives
  • Journalists


Spend your free time to repair damages occur to nature due to human activities, we do a lot nature activity's in Havelock Island.

  • Beach Cleanups
  • Coral re plantation and data collection
  • Plastic and glass re cycling and up-cycling
  • Awareness camps
  • Reptile Rescue

You can spend your free time with us to help to protect our islands and oceans.  Please mail us to


Never did a scuba diving?

Never did a scuba diving?
Do not know swimming?
PADI Discover Scuba Diving is designed for you, our well experienced professionals instructors will take you to the depth where you enjoy the different world in the same planet.
we will capture your diving experience in an underwater digital camera and give you digital Photographs and underwater videos including extra educational files as a grate memory of your underwater exploration.
are you ready for the Adventure ?

Scuba Diving With Eco Villa

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