Ecological Dive center focusing on marine environment protection, education & promotion. We are located in the Andaman Islands, which is a group of islands in the Indian Territory. We are into recreational scuba diving, Scuba School International courses, ecological dive education, life-saving training, and supply of quality scuba diving equipment and spare parts to the dive industry to keep the industry standards high in Andaman’s. Eco Divers is a professional dive center and dive resort, based in Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. We provide top quality diving and accommodation services to divers and their families. Our service is focused on quality, safety, relaxation and fun, education, and comfort. Our commitment is to offer the best value to our guests at all times by delivering excellent services at a fair price. Coral Replantation we are into Coral replantation in natural style, so far we have developed a Home reef called Eco Reef, this is one of the best coral reefs on Havelock Island. as part of reducing the carbon footprint created for scuba diving boat usage, we bring the reef next to us. we monitor reefs regularly with coral health chart to record changes in areas where overcrowded tourism activities are going on. Waste Management Eco Diver's main project on land is improving waste management. Waste is a permanent issue for Havelock Island, especially because of overcrowded tourism. The Eco Diver works with the “Green life Society” which collects plastic and Glass waste from this Island and sends it to Chennai for re-cycling. 

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