Open-Source Mud House Project

Never Made a House?
if no is the answer, we are looking for you to make The First Mud House in this island group.
Eco Village Mud House Project is coming up in Indians beautiful island group - Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Location: Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island) Village Krishnanager.
Duration: 1 month The project starts on 1st May, June, and July 2021,
Nearest Airport: IXZ (Port Blair) from there you have to catch a ferry to Swaraj Dweep( Havelock) it takes about 2.5 Hrs and the fare is around 600 rupees in the Govt Ferry.

Food: Community Kitchen (open kitchen- you are allowed to cook for all)
Accommodation: Bring your tent
Volunteers required: 30 persons who have an interest in Architecture, designing, painting, etc.
is there have any opportunity for a job after this project? : if you fall in love with this island, we do have a lot of options to chose such as Kayaking Guide, Scuba Diver, Snorkeling Instructor, Booking Manager, Social Media Manager, working in a coffee shop, baking, Animal Rescue, etc.
Please feel free to contact Mr. Sajan (Project Manager) on 95319-12345 on whats app.
this is an open-source project, everybody is welcome to learn and experience the natural building in its purest form. Each project involves important experimentation and techniques.
if you are planning to register for the workshop, here are a few guidelines that you should go through before we get ourselves muddy!

  1. get ready to stretch and twist your muscles. This is exclusively a hands-on workshop. Our classes are scheduled tightly with a specific amount of practice sessions for each technique. So kindly refrain from talking too much and use your own time at the campus more effectively.
  2. We do not have excessive theory sessions, you learn a technique by practicing it, not by listening to it or taking videos.
  3. Keep your cell phones away during the workshop. Recording videos of lectures, demonstration sessions, and proportions of mixes are strictly prohibited to avoid late on the process in the short days of Andaman. You may take videos and photos of your hands-on sessions and the fun time you have at our campus.
  4. Do wear light comfortable cotton clothes, preferably old, to beat the heat. There are very few chances of your clothes not getting soiled.
  5. please carry a raincoat and Hat because you might not be working under the roof.
  6. Do keep yourself hydrated to avoid any discomforts. You can also carry Electoral & Glucose for that extra boost of energy.
  7. Use footwear that you can slip in slip out of easily. Our Natural Cob Gym will need the use of your bare feet!
  8. At times, working with hands can get a little rough; you can get a pair of work gloves along!
  9. Please carry your emergency medicines if and when required.
  10. You can take notes during lectures, so bring along a pen and notebook if you tend to forget a few important terminologies & names.
  11. We have common bathrooms for all, remember to wash your muddy feet and hands before using the toilet.
  12. We will be taking videos & photos of people and the work happening for documentation video Kindly let us know if you have any issues in being part of our YouTube, Facebook films & Stills.
    Lunch during workshop days will be served in your lunch box. rice. A variety of curry, spicy and non-spicy will be part of the dish. Due to various people’s preferences,
  13. a final list for carrying things with you are,
    old cloaths, Flippers, Headtorch, Hat and Rain Coat, Watter bottle, pairs of glows, sunscreen and mosquito repellent, emergency medicines, a notebook and a pen, a hammock, Tent sleeping bag/inflatable bed/ pillow whatever you feel good for getting good sleep.


  • Hi sajan, I am really

    Hi sajan, I am really interesting with your new project. Planning to visit andaman soon Please let me know the date.

    Sikha April 01, 2021 at 10:22 PM.


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